View Full Version : Club Affiliations and Loaning of youth

03-03-2011, 00:20
Back when the PSP originally came out, it came with Championship Manager, I got addicted and used to generally buy world class players only, didnt care about youth. But over the years, I now like to develop and nuture my own little potential Drogbas and Messis. But I feel with the current loan system and lack of interaction between a manager and youth player, I cant really do what I want.

Wouldnt it be better, if we could recommend a club to a player, or interaction with a manager and guarantee playing time or even just simply being able to negotiate what club I should send a player too. I hate it when players I know I wont be using refuse all loan spells cause they think they are so great.

I generally tend to offer my players to clubs with greyed out players cause i know for a fact they will get at least 40 games on a season loan and come back with some matches under their belt

So for next FM, more interaction in regards to loans and stopping a player saying no. my usual reaction to a player saying no is placing him in the reserves with no training for the whole season and for any offence he does, 2 weeks fine. so for the good of all my academy players and generally everyone who wants to see a better loan system, SI should sort it out