View Full Version : Help me please!

dom di mascio
02-03-2011, 21:54
I see from alot of other fm users screenshots that they have english prem league badges. I would be delighted if someone who knows how to get these could actually tell me how to get them Ive tried before but just cant seem to get it. I can see from the screenshots it looks class and wish i could have them on my game. :))

02-03-2011, 21:58
Best look in skinning hideout mate, find everything you need to know there.


dom di mascio
03-03-2011, 22:27
cheers for the reply, ive tried sortitoutsi before but after doing everything they say i still cant seem to get the badges. maybe im never meant to have them and just plod on as usual. can someone tell me why they cant have prem league badges when you get loads of others, seems strange