View Full Version : Issue with Real Madrid C and Castilla

01-03-2011, 23:08
Currently managing Real Madrid and having an annoying issue with the reserve teams.

At the start of each season I keep the best 16 and 17 year olds in my youth team.

I put the best 18 and 19 year olds in my C team.

I put the best 20 and 21 year olds in Castilla. When a player hits 22 I make a decision if he is good enough for the first team squad (unless he is that good he has already made it)

I manage the transfers for castilla and the C team, but I don't manage the actual teams.

The annoying thing is someone keeps moving players down from castilla to the c team, no matter how many times I move them back up a week or so later they demote them.

Is there anyway to stop this other than actually managing Castilla aswell?

01-03-2011, 23:19
Not really mate as someone got to run them so they will make there own decisions

02-03-2011, 07:36
That's what it thought!

02-03-2011, 08:22
It's sad they didn't update Real Madrid C and Castilla.

26-10-2011, 17:42
Its sad that they have mistaken totally with these two teams. They are friendly clubs to Real Madrid in the games. Why???