View Full Version : What SI guys think about FM2011?

Keyzer Soze
01-03-2011, 20:30

I think it would be interesting to know what Miles, Neil, Ter and so on think about FM2011!

I believe it's fair to say that FM2011 its problably the more controversial FM since the beginning. It's been the FM with more issues to resolve, the FM that was released with more bugs.

But, at least in my opinion, FM2011.2.1 it's the best so far.

And what the people that made the game think about it?

Are they happy with the game right now?
Were they happy with the game when it was released in November?

I think this could be a good thread for users to place there question regardain the title subject, and with luck for the SI to respond!

01-03-2011, 20:34
having been to the podcast late on last year I know Miles thought it was their best game ever (of course).

01-03-2011, 20:40
I'd be surprised if any of the guys said otherwise.

Miles Jacobson
01-03-2011, 20:40
Answer to both questions is "yes", with the caveat of "once we've got this final patch issue sorted" with regard to the "right now" question..

However, you've got two points there incorrect - mathematically, it's been the FM with the LEAST issues to resolve, not most, and the FM that was released with the LEAST bugs, not most.

As you've got the answer, consider the thread closed.