View Full Version : has anyone from SI confirmed fixing of these 2 issues?

01-03-2011, 17:14
i wont mention the you know what

but the 2 issues i want fixing is the reputation issue and AI clubs actually making offers for any of my players

01-03-2011, 17:20
same problem here havent sold one player had to release or sell at equal value or loss

01-03-2011, 17:20
ha, the two main issues that bug me too. only thing i have seen was a confirmation in the bugs forum that the reputation bug was being looked at for the patch, but nothing confirming it works.

Keyzer Soze
01-03-2011, 17:33
SI have said that they are aware of both those issues, and usually when they are aware they solve it.

But those two bugs are kind tricky i think. Because its not a case of ON/OFF situation. Tehy have to be carefull in particulary in terms of AI teams putting offers for human teams players, because this could leave to a similar problem from version 11.0 when human team players were easily unsettle by other teams offers

01-03-2011, 21:18
maybe im missing something here but whenever ive seen similar threads SI have always said surely not but send us your saved game and we will check it out and you hear nothing.

but in last couple of days people steppin out of line with comments and SI are more than happy to comment

01-03-2011, 21:46
the poster appears to be talking tongue in cheek i think!

02-03-2011, 23:22
Are the talking about the cumputer putting in bids for your players & your players going unhappy as a result? If so, that's not a bug. It's made so that the computer AI gets players a lot easier than the human