View Full Version : AI teams starting tactics

Keyzer Soze
01-03-2011, 16:53

In my current save, second season with benfica, AI teams usually starts there game playing 442, Wide 41212 or 451. Particulary in portuguese league games, as Benfica is a big favorite, teams play very defensive, and only change the tactic to a more offensive one afters they are behind in the socre.

But, in my last game, something new happen! :confused:

I play away at Maritimo, and they start the game playing a very wide 424! Yes, you read it right... 424!

Now, the strange for me.. is that after 15 minutes i was already winning by 0-3! And Maritimo only change there tactic after i score my eight goal! After that they play a 4411 and the game ended with me winning by 0-8!

So did every seen this? Playing with a bigger team against a smaller team, the AI team playing so open from the start?