View Full Version : Need FMRTE help & advice on my savegame.

01-03-2011, 16:15
Hi, firstly i've just downloaded the latest version of FMRTE for FM2011 becasue i'm at such a crossroads with what to do with my savegame. I've just quit as CSKA Moscow boss after winning the league title without losing a single game in all competitions. I felt the league was far too easy and the club could not afford to bring in ANY players at all and when they could nobody would come join my club even though we're champions and we have a very respectable team (Honda, Tosic, Vagner love .. ) Upon leaving i thought, hey maybe a nice mid table french team or a lower table premiership team will come pick me up. But nobody did. The best offers i got were from Zenit st petersburg, MK Dons and Morcombe. not even the lowest of french and spannish teams would have me.

My problem is that when i loaded up FMRTE in desperation to help me perhaps get a new job as i really wanted to continue playing is this manager whenever i pressed LOAD GAME (and selected that i was playing the steam version of the game) FMRTE would just go black and say 'not responding' and stay like that until i closed it down.

How can i fix this, and what would you do in my position on my CSKA save.

01-03-2011, 16:25
for FMRTE problems use their forum or the editors forum on here, thats the best place to ask for editing help.