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01-03-2011, 15:18
Dunno if it's already been spotted/mentioned and cba to search - call me lazy :p

But I want whatever SI give to the ref's in FM... cos they don't age!

Seriously, I'm holidaying a game atm, just to see how far it will get before the patch is released, and it's currently in 2046. Anyway, in 2041 I decided to watch a game and the referee had a face, as in part of the added facepack - real referee - real photo - etc. Now I got me to thinking that there is no way that any RL referee today is going to be still reffing in 2041, certainly not at the top level anyway, so I clicked on his profile...

and this guy that was born in 1976 was 35! Not 65 like he should have been, but 35... i.e. the same age as he is now....

cba to provide a screenie or anything, but seriously, check your refs ages ;)