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28-02-2011, 23:59
Lately i was thinking about some changes that would make Football manager more realistic and challenging.

This is my list:

1º)Players and staff should have their attributes and personalities hidden. We should listen carfully to what staff and players have to say, and observe the matches, take notes and others, like realy managers do to obtain information.

2º)In lower leagues i can make money real fast just by arrange lot's of friendlys against the same foreigner club. That's not realistic. For example, if i play one friendly match with my sub-19 team against a foreigner club that pay me 20K for the traveling, i can make lot's of money if i keep playing against him. In reality this never happen, after some friendlys they don't have more money, but in FM they have infinite money to give us with that method.

3º)Training section should be improved. If we could see players training it would help us find more about the players (assuming hidden attributes).
We should have the option to plan weekly training, choose specific exercises, and get help of our staff if we feel to overwhelmed.
Testing some tactics during training would be intresting too.

Keyzer Soze
01-03-2011, 00:07

there is already a thread about this subject.

01-03-2011, 00:08
1) All having hidden attributes just wouldn't work, how would you know even who to look at? obviously your scouts would tell you, but i really don't see that working.

2) Yeah it is unrealistic and maybe there should be a limit of friendlies per season? I don't know.

3) Agree, training does need to improve. Watching would get boring and be a bit pointless, but maybe a daily training update from your coaches so you can see who's improving, who's not putting the effort in, that sort of thing.

01-03-2011, 03:57
1)It could be an option in preferences menu. I normaly study my players during the matches, and sometimes, like in real world, is possible to make some accurate readings. But it would be much harder, i recognize.

2)Or they could pay less for the traveling. 20 k is to much if you're playing with a smaller club. You get rich fast that way.

3)I agree with the "daily training report", sounds great to me. Having yourself watching the training was just an idea that work together with hidden attributes (to help you evaluate your players performance).

Well, it all dependes what are the objectives of the FM developers. If they want to make a realistic game i think these improvements would help. If it's more "fun oriented" maybe there's other's option. Personaly, for me i have more fun with realism\challenging style.