View Full Version : Whats the importance?

28-02-2011, 23:30
I've noticed that when people are starting new games of football manager, they always ensure that players from top divisions in all continents are loaded. What I dont understand is, what's the importance of having all the top players in African or Asian leagues loaded if you're going to be playing as a Blue Square Bet North/South team?

28-02-2011, 23:33
gives u more options when ur looking for players to fill a certain position and ur struggling to find players from europe, also fun having endless chances of finding quality regens

28-02-2011, 23:35
Well, I wouldn't assume that most people start at the bottom. However, those that do will find they have more transfer targets when they reach the top if the foreign clubs have more real players and less greys.

01-03-2011, 04:32
Yeah, when the league is loaded, better regens come through.