View Full Version : Does anyone else

28-02-2011, 20:49
concede 90% of their goals from crosses/corners/set-pieces (i know about the corner bug at the back post)? or is it just me because before the 11.2 patch came out it was pretty much ok only problem i had was the amount of long shots that always went in, now that doesnt happen so much its just crosses/corners/set-pieces. i have tried nearly everything.. ive came on here and got tactics to see if that would work and even came up with my own to see if that would work, but nope nothing seems to stop the amount of goals crom crosses no matter how good my team is or how bad. ive had success in the game with blyth getting them promoted twice. ive won the prem and a bunch of cups with middlesbrough but it doesnt matter if im doing good or bad most of my goals will come from crosses/corners/set-pieces.. anything that gets crossed into the box goes in and i can accept it does happen in football goals like this happen fair enough but i dont personally think it happens 90% of the time. i watch alot of football on TV and been to games IRL and it just doesnt happen asmuch as it happens in this game.

your thoughts on this and maybe its just my game but im ****ed off and its starting to make me hate the game ive never rly come across this in older versions and i like the idea of the wingers actually working in the game and crosses getting into the box more often but this just takes the biscuit

sorry for bad gramma, spelling ect :) (my name is for the NEW CM before someone has a dig)