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28-02-2011, 19:59
I posted the message at the bottom in the BUGS forum but here I want your comments on if its cheating and too what level it can be used until SI release their fix

would: (maybe [add manager's world rep/100] be 'fair' - it would mean someone in league 2 with 6000 world rep (i think about continental so a successful manager maybe elsewhere similar to my savegame) could up the league rep for 65ish to 125 briefly

in terms of fair play and not cheating, what are your thoughts?



Hi everyone I seem to have found *a way around* the manager rep/being laughed at when jobs come up problem

Its today with the rep of the league you're in (so even if (like me) you've won loads of cups league 1, 2 and top leagues around the world) cos im currently managing Plymouth (league2 champs and johnstones paint winners) everyone laughs at me

to 'solve' this until SI bring out the new patch you could use FMRTE to temporarily upgrade the league you're in (and if you do it honestly perhaps to reflect your manager rep) you will be considered for better jobs

my trial of this
after leaving Plymouth (and getting through to final of confederation cup with cameroon) I was laughed at by spanish and german second divison teams and the only teams interested were Sorrento (a poor low quality and rep serie b) and Chievo (a low rep bankrupt serie b) team, both expected to finish around 15th

after modding temp the rep of league 2 (from 66 to 166 - just to try it out) i declared interest in zaragoza (just relegated to 2nd div) and schalke (doing poorly in german top div - i think 10-15th), zaragoza i was leading candidate, schalke i had outside chance

i want to hear comments on how this could be implemented fairly (maybe [add manager's world rep/100] to league rep and only applied for open positions - would this be 'fair' until SI release the fix?

- I have a long career game that im very proud of but being scuppered by this bug and i really want to continue it but only if im not cheating, i hate playing a game unfairly or with cheats

28-02-2011, 20:02
Er. _any_ usage of FMRTE is pretty much cheating for starters, except for merely cosmetic touches like kits or stadiums...

Not to mention, Zaragoza wouldn't contract a League 2 manager, much less schalke...

28-02-2011, 20:09
fair comment, but i dont think using it correct FM's bug (and it is a BUG) is cheating - thats as long as you dont start doing other things...

it is fair (if the bug is as calculated) that if you did well a single club and got its rep up alot you could move on easy to top teams, but i have been moving from club to club once success has been achieved or not looking forward (i.e. left Southampton after getting them promoted to championship as i didnt fancy the struggle, and similarly with Plymouth) so the club's reps ive been at have stayed steady or decreased

what about the calculation to 'sort out' the manager rep issue? is that fair ish?

28-02-2011, 20:13
Being Spanish, I can tell you that Zaragoza wouldn't touch a league 2 manager with a ten feet pole, no matter if he won. And same for a league 1 manager. So that's not unrealistic at all.

Serie B would be an improvement, you know? I'm not sure what kind of teams would you expect to be signing for, but honest...

28-02-2011, 20:22
ok, thanks for your comments; Zaragoza are struggling mid-table in spanish second division (im about 10 years in but started to notice problems a year ago when only plymouth would employ me from completing double in Nigeria (admittedly my career i've managed the better clubs in some weaker leagues) but i would expect better job offers (i have world class / continental rep - it juggles) than bankrupt Chievo and very poor Sorrento (i might have spelt it wrong)

but sofar in my career won all 5trophies available at Auckland City (New Zealand), won League 1 with Southampton (UK), won League, FA Cup, and minor continental cup at Saprissa (costa rica), won League and FA Cup at Heartlands (nigeria) and now league and johnstones paint at Plymouth (UK), and through to final but lost at African Cup of Nations and Confederations Cup with Cameroon

28-02-2011, 20:27
I don't know.... really, realistically, most clubs in Spain would either

a) get a manager with more experience in Europe, or
b) get somebody local, if down in the divisions.

Only thing that would get you maybe an outside chance is being second in Confederations Cup. But really, it's not a big trophy either.

and honest, Chievo would be a pretty good destination, if you can rebuild the squad.

28-02-2011, 20:44
Thanks again for your comments, just did some tests ( i do hate usuing FMRTE or doing anything against the game - i just wanted a nice career game where I wouldnt be laughed at by a team finishing 4-8th in DR Congo

[manager world rep/100] is way too high, [/200] is still to high (here i was leading candidate for Zaragoza and listening to what you said i think i should be a possibilty not a leading person so i will test it with [/333] so my manager world rep is just under 7000 (so ill add 24 too league two rep of 66)

In other news, i would really like the Chievo job (i know they have a history of being around Serie A) but with insecure finances, no transfer budget, about 5000 left a week for wages and a squad of about 10players (very average elderly players), expecting to finish [i think] 17th with no knowledge of italian players or decent freebies/loanees wanting to join me it would be massive pain

28-02-2011, 23:41
ok, so even though i resigned from Plymouth a month ago (before confederations cup) if i apply for Zaragoza/Numancia/Elche jobs without FMRTE i get 'outside candidate' comment, if i raise rep of league one (where Plymouth where going) by 10pts (from 90 to 100) i become leading candidate and 1 manager is sacked and i'm offered the job...

so for those stories where Rangers/Celtic managers have won every cup in the world, i suggest until 11.3.0 fix comes out in 2weeks, use FMRTE to temp improve rep of scottish league (i guess its quite low 135ish) to compensate for FM being a bit tosh

PS in my game i decided to let the game run on a month just to see if any chairmans want me despite the rep problem...theres Criciuma expected 6th in Brazilian Second Division :-S