View Full Version : Quick Replay Question

28-02-2011, 18:05
Hey, I'm using the FM Demo, and i saved one match because there was a wondergoal. I quit without saving the game. Is there a way to upload it to youtube?
cheers fonz

28-02-2011, 23:53
no? please help, theres a wondergoal i need to share :(

01-03-2011, 00:45
From the start screen there should be a button at I think the bottom right corner that says view match that should take you to where your match is saved, clicking on it should take you into your saved game, then I think you should be able to click on upload match highlights and select your goal to upload too youtube.

Disclaimer :- have never tried to upload highlights this way (having quit the game after saving the match), as I never bother saving any of my individual matches. So not 100% certain the above will definitely work.