View Full Version : Problem With Skins

25-02-2011, 00:40
I got off to a great start today in putting some graphics in the game for the first time on FM2010...

I installed a Japan facepack as well as logos for my J1 & J2 leagues that I got from another person

Then I tried to install a skin and it would not load in the game..

I have the boxes ticked for "always reload skin" as well as unticked for "use skin cache" obviously or my japan graphiics would not work

The skin was unzipped and I can actually the the graphics in my folder that I saved it under footballmanager2010/skins just like it said... it still did not work

I deleted the config. file thinking it was corrupted the game automatically put a config file back in.. that didnt work either

I tried downloading another skin.. same issue...

Any idea what is going on .. am i doing something wrong? i would think not cuz my other graphics for the facepack and logos i downlladed are working...