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08-02-2011, 14:49
not seen this mentioned in a long while and si never exactly pushed it anyway but is there still a way to get players to behave a bit less than robot saints anymore ? i know si cant stick it in the game incase they upset one of these delicate flowers but it was good to see some players act a bit more like they would in real life. remember on 01/02 paul bosvelt punching someone, happy days

08-02-2011, 16:31
I miss the 'ARSE' command. Was a big fan of it.
Certainly made the game more interesting and fun for me.
Wish it would come back to the game again, somehow.

08-02-2011, 16:46
I put a screenshot up from FM09 where there was a bit of something between two players and it ended up with my right winger giving their player a right hook and getting sent off. Whilst the match engine still recognised it there was nothing outside the match it was just a sending off for violent conduct and a 3 match ban, may have been nice if he'd gotten a bit longer for lamping someone as its a bit different to a bad tackle which gets a straight red.

Weed Toker
08-02-2011, 18:20
I remember on CM01/02 Gianluigi Buffon got a 18 month global ban for punching a referee......... luckily he wasnt playing for me............

08-02-2011, 18:27
Aaahhhh so thats what it did..........