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06-02-2011, 20:18
I am Crawley in the Blue Square Prem,i got to the Semi Final of the FA Trophy and was due to play York but for some reason the first game of the two legs came up has leg 2 and Leg 1 was the second game of the fixtures,i won the first leg 6-0 and went i went to the home screen it said Crawley are through to the final on penalties after a 5-1 draw with York,crazy or what and still the second leg to come but said i now have Darlington in the final

David Milmine
06-02-2011, 21:05
Hi mercer, it would be a great help of you could let me know what year of the game this is?

Also, do you still have a save game on your device from before the matches were played or any time earlier in that season?

Thanks in advance

07-02-2011, 18:52
Sorry dont have another save just have the start of the next season now,it happened in my first season with Crawley,the first leg was played after the second,i was 6-0 up and in the next game in won 3-0 but did not have the previous leg scores either in brackets

David Milmine
07-02-2011, 19:22
Hi, don't worry about not having it anymore it was just worth a punt!

Do you remember if you had progressed reasonably far in any other cup competitions?