View Full Version : Can't access Match Preparation screen

Norville Rodgers
26-01-2011, 20:57
Hoping someone else might have experienced this. I'm playing a game as Villa that was originally started on the demo. I then continued it when I bought the game, and am fully patched up. However, I've noticed that within the Villa dropdown menu, "Match Preparation" is permanently greyed out, and can't be accessed. My housemate uses it all the time, and extols its virtues, but I can't use mine. I have all the staff a club could need, so I don't think it's anything to do with that. Can anyone advise?

26-01-2011, 21:06
under "team settings" you will need to untick ass man takes control of match preperation

Norville Rodgers
26-01-2011, 21:20
I feel like such a fool, such a basic oversight. Cheers, mate.