View Full Version : Add my own chairmen?

16-01-2011, 15:00
just wondering if anyone has come across an in-depth run through of how to do this searched but cannot find anything.Thanks

16-01-2011, 16:34

16-01-2011, 16:43
In the pre-game editor you can edit people but I'm not sure if you can create people. Going to the editors section would be best, and they could tell you how best to build the chairman you wan't (I'm assuming its one who isn't likely to fire you no matter what).

16-01-2011, 16:55
no nothing like that want to change blackburns chairman and finances to be realistic i changed the chairman ok but struggeling on the finances cant get it right

16-01-2011, 17:21
why not ask the blackburn reasearcger - I'm sure he thinks the finances are right

16-01-2011, 17:24
blackburn takeover wasnt in the new patch cos so doing it myself so the old finances would not be right with the new owners

16-01-2011, 17:24
Ah, well you need to know Venky's finances for that compared to some other chairmens, it would require a bit of research for how much they have compared to other chairmans in the league.

16-01-2011, 17:28
i dont want it exact i was going to put the balance at around 150 mill and transfers at 50mill but cant seem to get it right on editor

16-01-2011, 17:32
you are trying to get it right by adjusting Blackburn's balance to be 150 million !!!!!!!!! Most people call that cheating but each to their own

16-01-2011, 17:36
2billion company and they have already said the club is financial secure for x number of years bid 6 mill for ronaldinho giving hi 160 g a week ok its cheating

16-01-2011, 18:48
Yes, its cheating, and blatantly so.

16-01-2011, 20:17
If he wants to do it he can. That's what the editor is there for. It's not cheating.

Anyway the editor can be a bit funny with those balances. Have your tried editing the reputation of the club too as that is linked to the balance i.e. depending on the club reputation you can only have so much of a balance. With the takeover and the talk about Ronaldinho and stuff I'm sure the rep would be increased at least a little anyway.

Alternatively you could use something like FMRTE to edit the finances instead.

16-01-2011, 22:32
Using the editor is cheating. I'm not debating the fact that anyone can do what they like, it's their game, but let's not argue the fact it's cheating and any success in the game cannot be boasted about or compared to anyone else's success on here because it's been obtained through illegal means.

17-01-2011, 09:50
$2bn turnover - no indication of profit (or indeed loss).

You would need to know how much money is made by Venky's, how much they plough back in to the club etc

Only time will tell IMO.