View Full Version : [iPhone] Minor reserve team player coach report issue

11-01-2011, 15:37

When you demote a player and then check his coach report, it reads more like a scout report. For example the 'Physio' section turns into the 'Interest' seasion (so instead of saying 'Your physio has no concerns about joe blogs' it says 'Joe Blogs might be interested in a move') and the recommendation section says something like 'Joe Blogs is not good enough to succeed at the club' instead of 'Jim Smith is the best forward at the club but Joe Blogs is nowhere near that standard.'.

Once you re-promote the player and check again, it goes back to a normal coach report.

Player in first team:

Player in reserves:

Marc Vaughan
11-01-2011, 17:18
Thanks for the information - this is fixed in the forthcoming update now :D

11-01-2011, 17:37
No problem glad I could help :)