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05-01-2011, 17:46
I shouldn't be surprised that this is broken after all it's only in keeping with much of the game.

After managing Rangers for 4 seasons (winning 4 leagues and twice getting to the QF of the Champs Lge) i wanted a crack at the English PL.

I applied to Chelsea and got knocked back which wasn't a complete surprise until i noticed they had appointed Andy Watson, who? Exactly!

I tried for the Birmingham job next to be overlooked in favour of Paco Herrera who in his last job had managed the great success of leading Celta to 20th in La Liga.

Not happy! So i decided to try an experiment and turned to FMRTE. I jacked up my CA/PA and Reputation above the level of the best coach in the league at the time (Ancelotti) and tried again. NO luck.

Conclusion - The system of applying for jobs is a farce and needs fixed, i wont be holding my breath as its no doubt in a very big queue.

Cant you people get anything right?

05-01-2011, 18:12
if you read other threads, you'll know that this issue is well known and they are looking into it. Upload your save game to help them.

06-01-2011, 08:31
This is extremely disappointing. Been finding it hard to really get into the game until I started my most recent game. It's supposed to be a journey man save, but lost all enthusiasm after reading this.

Edit - I started the game as a manager from a small unknown country with sunday league as my reputation. I got hired by 20th placed Port Vale around December. Took them to the play offs, but lost to Bradford in the first round. I won league 2 in my first full season and I'm doing relatively well in my first season in League 1. After 15 games I'm 2nd and the only thing keeping me from 1st place is 2 measly goals. Will my reputation ever increase? It's stuck at unproven. If it does, will I be hired by other clubs or will I be stuck in Limbo?

06-01-2011, 09:32
I've got a similar problem in my journey man game. My reputation is UNCHANGED despite having taken volgar-gazprom, a struggling russian first division team, to promotion in just one season. I'm not going to play this save until SI fixes this.

SI, please please please fix the manager rep and job issues ASAP, journeyman games are UNPLAYABLE!

7. Shevchenko
06-01-2011, 15:37
I started unemployed and got a job at Ajax. Two league titles and a Champions League final saw me move on to Internacional in Brazil. Another two league titles, onto Dinamo Kyiv. Three league titles, onto Benfica. More titles, then to Galatasaray.

This is fine, but all the time i've been applying for jobs in England (Ipswich, Crystal Palace etc) and not got one offer. I can't seem to get above teams of this reputation, even though my reputation is continental.

06-01-2011, 15:46
this problem annoys me but i found that if you build your rep in say England you will get bigger clubs offering you jobs so i suggest you maybe apply for championships teams and build from there.

gregt or smokey
06-01-2011, 15:51
ive not really noticed this problem. i started with leicester, got promoted and started winning the league a few years in. i got plenty of offers from all the big teams. What is the exact thing thats wrong incase i go to start a new game?

06-01-2011, 17:24
I have started a game with 24 leagues running from 11 countries, started unemployed and set my reputation to sunday league footballer, i have applied for several jobs but no one will take me on, whats wrong?

06-01-2011, 17:44
Set it to go on Holiday and apply for jobs a any club and to notify when you are offered a job.

06-01-2011, 23:10
if you read other threads, you'll know that this issue is well known and they are looking into it. Upload your save game to help them.

You are right that is the thing to do, however.

1. The search tool is useless and provides ridiculous results unrelated to the search topic.

2. On some topics there must be almost 100 posts (probably due to point 1) so this idea is neither followed nor inforced and until it is (and/or the search tool improved) the best way is just to post on what concerns me.

I am clearly not alone on this as proved by the responses to my post.

Mr T
06-01-2011, 23:17

That's the relevant thread in the bugs forum.

07-01-2011, 11:14

This thread is closed but at least it shows that this issue will be fixed for the next patch, not much consolation for your current game but maybe you could keep your save until the next patch is out.

08-01-2011, 16:23
I've played three seasons with Newcastle Town. In the Northern Premier League First Division South I finished 7th and then won it in the second season. Last season I finished 13th in the Northern Premier League Premier Division. My reputation has risen from unknown to local in this time.

09-01-2011, 12:50
is there no workaround for this bug si? i gotta actually have to wait like 3 + weeks to actually start getting my long career game going cant we get a hotfix.