View Full Version : Network Game HELP!!!

Paul Andrews
28-12-2010, 19:28
ok, me and my mate are in a network game. Hes hosting and i have to go offline so how do i make it that i can come back and pick up where i left off?

28-12-2010, 19:34
Erm, save the game and both stop playing until you can both play again?

Paul Andrews
28-12-2010, 19:39
how do i rejoin as my previous team tho?

Mr T
28-12-2010, 19:40
Exactly. When you play again you can click the "take control" button in the status screen after logging in.

Note that if he happens to take control of your team for some reason he has to disconnect from that manager by going on holiday and ticking the "disconnect manager from network game" box.