View Full Version : Fitness Issue in Romania, am I doing something wrong or BUG?

28-12-2010, 19:01
My first league game is on July 25 so I had my first pre-season game on June 21. I scheduled my next friendly on June 29th, which is eight days later.

My team that played the first friendly's conditioning is awful.

Here is what the team's conditioning was at the end of the June 21st match: (no subs made)

GK- 86
DR- 59
DC- 67
DC- 69
DL- 63
MR- 66
MC- 64
MC- 65
ML- 60
FC- 73
FC- 61

And now I'm about to start my next friendly 8 days later and their condition is this before the game:

GK- 82
DR- 63
DC- 67
DC- 64
DL- 63
MR- 61
MC- 63
MC- 61
ML- 63
FC- 69
FC- 63

I've never had this happened to me before. My prematch preperation is on Medium and my training is on the default Medium, I have no idea why the team wasn't able to gain their conditioning back after the first game.


28-12-2010, 19:03
Are they marked as available for the reserves, maybe?

28-12-2010, 19:26
Are they marked as available for the reserves, maybe?

No, nothing fishy going on as far as I can tell.

I'll update to see if it improves in the next little while. I have an Europa league qualifying match in about 2 weeks so things better improve.

28-12-2010, 19:35
Try and see if you can load a previous save, and reproduce it - it may be something worth posting in the bugs forum.

28-12-2010, 19:58
It's july 13 now and the fitness levels seem to be back to normal around the 90% mark, I think the issue happened because it was so early in the season.

28-12-2010, 21:12
i've noticed if you play your first friendly too early that fitness suffers for a bit. i havent taken the time to figger out exactly how many days the team needs to just train before they can play a good 60 minutes in a friendly, but i'd say at least 2 weeks... maybe 3 weeks of training only, then you should be able to play friendlies without a terrible drop-off in fitness