View Full Version : Reserve team disapeared?? (PSP)

18-12-2010, 22:55
only a few seasons into a game and already at my 3rd team, just taken the Chelsea job... However... they have no reserve team!

My previous 2 teams both had, the option to demote players to the reserve team is also missing.

David Milmine
18-12-2010, 23:01
This seems very strange. When you go to Chelsea's Information screen, is your name listed as the manager?

A couple of other things to check:
- On your previous club's Information screen, does it list their Reserve team and can you view it?
- Do you recall how the Chelsea job became vacant? (Was their manager sacked or did he move jobs? - bit of a tough one to remember)

18-12-2010, 23:50
Fixed it! I clicked on chelseas information screen and reserves were listed there, on selecting reserves from that screen everything seemed to correct itself. and just FYI the chelsea job became vacant as Marcello Lippi, their manager at the time, retired. And another thing, my PSP had been on for ages (I usually just stick it in sleep mode)- memory fragmentation perhaps? Ive heard Marc mention it before!