View Full Version : Is manager reputation a bit messed up?

25-11-2010, 16:48
I started a game as semi-pro this gave me a regional reputation my manager is English. I could apply for any job in the BSP and get it as well as being offered the Hereford job in league two, I went to New Zealand and won the league twice and the O-League. Now if I declare an interest in a job in the BSP then my interest is laughed off, how can I have won things and have a national reputation but not get jobs I could have got with a regional reputation at the start of the game?

25-11-2010, 16:51
I imagine its because they see you as too good/too expensive for them.

25-11-2010, 16:57
I don't believe that is the case as other higher teams are rejected my applications, that would mean lower teams see me as too expensive and higher teams see me as not good enough. Meaning I would never get a job anywhere.

25-11-2010, 16:58
Your national in New Zealand, not England....

25-11-2010, 17:00
Doesn't matter I was regional in England at the start and could get jobs then but can't now.

25-11-2010, 18:40
Doesn't matter I was regional in England at the start and could get jobs then but can't now.

Well, probably since you were away from English football for a few years, your reputation in England went down, while in Australia it shot up.

26-11-2010, 17:52
Something doesn't sound quite right there.

Have you tried resigning from your current job and then applying for jobs in England?

Just wondering if you being based at a club in New Zealand and being under contract has anything to do with it.

26-11-2010, 17:58
I resigned before I applied and had no luck at all, I think I need to win a bit more then look to move on just seems a bit weird that's all.

26-11-2010, 18:22
I have the 11.1.1 patch, I'm in 3rd season with benfica and won everything at all times (with a few restarts, I confess!). At the end of the 2nd season took place as coach of England. However, applying myself to places in clubs like barcelona, milan, valencia, at. madrid, etc.. they laugh at my interest and I never select, despite starting with experience of international football ... Is it a bug?? In previous fms was always the colossi in the leg just 2nd season, now clubs like Valencia and Madrid laugh my interest... Seems like a bug to me, since several users including you have the same problem to.

however some not:

Strange, I got offers from big clubs (Inter, AC, Atletico... a couple of others as well for sure) in my first season in the PL after getting QPR promoted. And in the following season or two after a good run in the league & cup. Or could it be the not entirely difficult feat of promotion being worth tons of brownie points for the AI teams?