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13-05-2012, 17:35
Hey Guys,

I've set up some Polls on FMFormation.net (http://www.fmformation.net/content/) and think it would be great if some of you guys could vote, if we get enough I'll be sending the links to SI (and hopefully they see this) to hopefully see some changes that we would like to have in the game.

FM13 Interactions Wishlist (http://www.fmformation.net/fm2013-general-discussion/66741-fm13-interactions-wishlist.html#post342521)

FM13 Staff Changes Wishlist (http://www.fmformation.net/fm2013-general-discussion/66743-fm13-staff-changes-wishlist.html#post342523)

FM13 Miscellaneous Wishlist (http://www.fmformation.net/fm2013-general-discussion/66745-fm13-miscellaneous-wishlist.html#post342525)

So get voting!

P.S. You will have to register to be able to vote!

14-05-2012, 01:44
One option I'd quite like to see is the inclusion of ball boys. Not only are some of the delays in getting the ball for, say a corner, unrealistic, but could also add a small tactical element to the game. For example, by training them to retrieve balls quickly, potentially allowing quick throw-ins to catch teams off guard.

The option to lock out certain options when negotiating contracts. For example if I have no intention of paying a goal bonus, if I remove it then I can't stop them from bringing it back up at the next stage of negotiations, unless I tell them I won't compromise on anything which isn't what I want.

The ability to tell players that their agents are being unrealistic. Just signed a contract and their agent wants a pay rise because someone showed some interest? Hah, no. Similarly being able to interact with them more by say telling them that their wage demands for their new contract are unrealistic.

More staff loyalty, yet also make it harder to retain them if they're thinking about moving. It's very easy to keep existing staff by offering a new contract, but they rarely seem to reject moves by themselves.

A "quick result" option where the game uses your current tactics and skips the match, stopping for half time, and injuries and sendings off. A bit more flexibility over what to do when you go on holiday would help as well for long term play.

Better interaction with the board. Getting rid of arbitrary delays on similar topics (like numbers of staff) and incremental subjects would be a good start! If you have a lot of spare funds then it would be nice if you could ask them to invest more in say, junior coaching instead of having to wait a long time to gradually increment it. Being able to see how long I have to wait before I can bring an issue up again would be nice (e.g. "The board will not consider any more feeder club requests until next May")

Being able to rename or suggest names for new stadiums would be a nice touch.

More control over player discipline instead of just warning/fining for dismissals. How about being able to privately ask players to tone it down, to threatening to drop them if they don't stop picking up yellow cards?

Death Ball
16-05-2012, 22:39
The ability to tell the reserve team manager not to use U20 players in the reserve matches. (Or maybe this is a bug in the game I started with the first database, Italian team).

Apart from the two choices of availability for reserve team, add "make automatically available whenever fitness drops out from match fit".

I think I didn't put in here: a way to extract the info of your profile in a (the) previous version that can be used in the new to be imported to the new.

Bodysnatcher mode: instead of creating a manager, take control as an existing manager and see what you can make him out of him. (I'm sure this would be the favourite of Pep Guardiola mwahahahahaha!)

Ability to set swapping players for more than two. A-B-C is something I'd like to be able to do.

Ability to set the date for the return from holidays?. I think it was in previous versions but I can't find it in FM12.

Not wasting resources in stadiums or celebrations (sorry guys who want, I just don't see the meaning to them, though I do understand that, specially for fans of smaller teams, seeing their stadium would produce a nice feeling).

Stephanie McMahon\'s Secret Lover
17-05-2012, 08:01
Personally I'd like to see the occasional brawl or Joey Barton incident on the pitch. Oh and why is the MANAGER never on the bench but the subs are? In fact the manager should be pacing in the technical area!

More options on how I want to play the game (easier or harder). A far better editor and a saved game editor.

Neil Brock
17-05-2012, 10:56
After a long and fruitful time this thread has gone past it's sell-by-date. The new thread can be found here - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/306914-What-s-that-A-new-Wishlist-Thread-What-you-would-like-to-see-in-future-FM-versions.