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15-11-2010, 12:04

Basically the problem is my club is not making a profit, infact it is losing it. About 100k per month. I am Fredikstad in Norways top league, recently got promoted and got given a big wage budget and transfer budget. However, the last two season i am just making loss upon loss each month.

I have a wage budge of 46k per year, and only have 39k per year currently used.

I cannot attract any decent new signings as the board has limited my maximum wage for a player, far too low to attract the players i need to progress. But yet, i still lose money. I am stuck in a spiral. The only way i can see out of this is literally give away all my good players (highest wages) and be stuck with a rubbish team, which will probably get relegated as i am already battling to stay up.

Is there any tips on ways to increase revenue or ways to negioate better contracts!


15-11-2010, 12:07
I read somewhere that this year you can renegotiate your own contract to reduce the wage bill... that might help. Though of course in real life I'd never ask for LESS money :)

15-11-2010, 12:32
Sometimes you just have to get rid of the highest earners and get in those with lower contracts. It's the nature of the business unforetunately. Some clubs just don't have the finances to compete in the big time quite as easily.

Find young, cheap talent and build a winning side through team cohesion and bonding. You might just find young players that are willing to prove themselves do you proud. Even if you have a season or two of struggle.

15-11-2010, 12:45
It's quite a usual in the lower leagues to lose money. I'm only turning a profit on my save because of transfer fees despite playing well and being very frugal with wages so it's just par for the course i'm afraid. Until you start reaching the big money competitions or getting massive attendances, you're going to be up against it.

Try sell some players, arrange money spinning friendlies and keep your wages low - thats about all you can do