View Full Version : Board Request - Training Facilities a progress bug?

14-11-2010, 15:29

I managed to get the board to upgrade my training facilities.

Started 29.4.2012
Completion 23.12.2012

It is now 3. jan 2013. Nothing happens. The progress bar within the Boardroom tab that tracks the planning development has filled up all the way blue. Am I missing something? Will another bar turn up eventually where it says "Building" instead of "Planning" ?

I have saved as much money as I can, last game (Yes, I had to restart) they canned the project three days prior to completion because of a poor financial state.

Anything to calm my fragile mind, please?

Jelle Slaets
14-11-2010, 15:34
Are you sure you didn't miss the message on the day of completion?

14-11-2010, 15:35
I've had no such message, and my "Average" facilities, are still stated as "Average" in the Information tab under Facilities.

Edit: So that the bar is all filled up and the completion date is in the past is -not- a good sign, I guess.

Jelle Slaets
14-11-2010, 16:24
You could perhaps wait till end of May. Whenever I have an upgrade, the planning finishes around this period, and then the board annouce the actual building. With a little luck, it will still happen and otherwise you should be able to re-request it. Normally, planning should than also finish by end of May again, so you won't lose any time.