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13-11-2010, 21:29
I have been appointed England Under 21 manager and have been asked to pick my first squad. Can anyone exaplain the rules as to who I can and can't call up, only I have selected several players who are aged 20 only to be told on the news screen that my squad contains 8/9 players over 21! In the end I had to holiday so the game would continue but it seems the team chosen is made up of mainly 17/18 year olds, and around 5 20 year olds, all born in certain months! Is this a bug or am I missing something glaringly obvious?

On closer inspection each player is younger than 20 years 6 months, is this the rule? Would make sense if it were for a forthcoming tournament but it's just a friendly!


13-11-2010, 21:31
Under 21 squads can still include 21 year olds... and in some cases 22 year olds, depending on when their birthday is...

13-11-2010, 21:34
Depends you can pick players who will be 22 up to the last day of this year for example. For example i will do it for this next summers comp.

The comp is in june july next season and any players as to be 22 up to the last 2010. They can be born on the 1st of january 2011 which will still make them 23 at the time of the tournament . Does that make any sense ?

13-11-2010, 21:42
To be honest I was under the impression you could call up 21 year olds depending on their birthday, assuming this is some sort of problem with my specific game in some way. The exact situation is that the game is on 7th September 2012, but I can't even call up a player who is born on 24th September 1991 so he would still be 20?! Don't quite know what is going on! Though when I filter the national pool by eligibility for the U21s, they are included?!

13-11-2010, 21:59
You aren't alone. I get this exact same issue when managing Scotland U19s. Filtering by eligibility gives me 19 yr olds who can't play. (This is on FM2010)

14-11-2010, 00:41
It's all very odd. Hope it sorts itself out for the next fixture else I can't see myself staying as Under 21 manager!