View Full Version : Players Who Have Requested Transfer

13-11-2010, 21:13
Do they ever decided to stay at the club?

I got promoted then relegated and my players were upset and some requested transfer to go to a bigger club. Now I've got them promoted again and the players are happy playing for the club etc etc but they are not considering a new contract and do not seem to have any intention of taking themselves off the transfer list.

Anyone else had the same?

Viggo Vickers
13-11-2010, 21:36
In previous years of FM I've had Transfer Request Withdrawn, but that's usually after a few months or such. If you've Declined their requests, they might actually dislike you which will result in them not wanting to renew their contract with you or change their status regardless of club success.

13-11-2010, 21:40
Nah they are all still Listed by request and none want to come off the list despite having blinders of seasons and enjoying playing for the club. 4 of them have contracts expiring which is annoying as they have been some of my best players this season despite being transfer listed by request