View Full Version : 2 crashes in 2 days..

Geooorge :)
13-11-2010, 20:40
Those are real life days, and the first one said: 'The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142). Click on OK to terminate the application.'

Today I got one just basically saying it had crashed, and was placed in C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Owner\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\crash dumps

It read: FM 2011 V11.1.1.158038(2010.

Any idea how to stop these happening again? I have transported graphics (facepacks and logos) from FM2010, but these did not cause any problems in that game. Could it be them?

13-11-2010, 22:54
I would recommend removing all your add ons (graphics wise) and see if the problems still persist.
There is a thread somewhere where this was mentioned. Unfortunately i can't find it.
But defo just try playing the game with no addons at all, and see if it keeps happening.

I forgot to add, they do actually work in FM2011 as i'm using facepacks, logopacks, and kits (strips) packs. I just remember reading somewhere in the forums that they can cause problems for some people. You may be better off looking in the skinning section of the forum.