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13-11-2010, 17:33
Why oh why are my chances not being put away! Woodwork, last ditch tackles, opposition goalie playing out of his skin, forwards missing target, or passing(!) when it would be easier to score.......Most of these seem to occur in just about every game for me at moment. Dominating poseession but just not putting away chances. Opposition managers have commented several times that we would score more if we didnt try to walk the ball into the net! I am not aware of having instructed my team to overcomplicate things. Useful advice most welcome so long as it is not "it must be your tactics".

13-11-2010, 19:07
This is pretty shocking on the game really, everytime I click on a match result I see stuff like 11 shots, 3 on target in pretty much 95% of the matches, it isn't just my players who couldn't hit a barn door but it's almost every player on the game, check out the results and you will see teams miss about 80% of the chances they create it's ridiculous, I've gone back to FM2010 anyway FM2011 is shocking, the match engine is a joke and even when you tell your players to NEVER shoot from long range and to WORK THE BALL INTO THE BOX they hit long rangers all the bloody time, strikers on this game are ****ing useless.

13-11-2010, 19:11
it must be your tactics. ;)

13-11-2010, 19:23
it must be your tactics. ;)
Any specific suggestion as to what element of my tactic I should change to improve things?

13-11-2010, 19:33
Any specific suggestion as to what element of my tactic I should change to improve things?

okay well depending on what side you are, and how good your players are but try setting individual tactics for best long shooters in your team to have a go more often.. especially against deep lying defences

Sams red n white army
13-11-2010, 19:53
It's not tactics haha... Im Barcelona and players like messi, villa, iniesta ect are missing one on ones, or shot from 6-12 yards out... Its so poor its completly ruined my game so i have reverted back to 10 until it's sorted. I understand it does happen but seriously i know there are people who know what i mean... Also when i was Arsenal, again same situation so many chances, kept blasing over or went for the narrow angle instead of the huge space across goal, or staight at the keeper. It even happens against me aswell to be honest, it's not like i have 25 shots they have 1 and score, its just poor programming or something, players miss so many chances!!!!

13-11-2010, 20:09
I've seen this a lot too tbh, but it's just part of the ME, you just have to accept it for now I guess

13-11-2010, 23:13
FM10 seemed ok but shooting/finishing in FM11 is appalling. Way off target from inside box, rarely testing keeper. Drogba, Anelka, lukaku,,Sturridge,Kadlec.....Kalou is best in class of these,but still wasteful.
Does match engine deliberately increase likelihood of strikers missing in teams that are creating lots of good chances! It seems to be. Have SI tinkered with FM10 match engine and "broken it" in FM11.....the poor finishing will probably get me sacked - a rare occurence in years of playing FM series.....

13-11-2010, 23:23
is this after the hotfix? they always mess finishing in FM, its very annoying, why did they have to change from 10.3? it was balanced, no need to mess it up again!

13-11-2010, 23:43
is after latest patches via steam - 11.1.1. Is 11.1.1 to blame and if so will it be fixed soon? Like you it amazes me that they "fix" things (10.3) and cause new problems! Hope its sorted soon as I to play one long game,circa 15 seasons and dont like startin again!