View Full Version : Get rid of Evertons pink away kit

13-11-2010, 16:56
Before I started the game I edited the cup compeitions (EURO to UEFA etc.) but forgot to edit Evertons pink away kit! I believe it's got a great cause (breast cancer) but I prefer to keep things classic and as with Birmingham City, I remember Everton's away kit being Yellow (im talking the 80s here) or white.

Is it possible to change this in the editor for my saved game? Or do I need to start a new game for changes to take effect. I know on previous FM's you could re-edit the cup compeition names in your saved game but unsure if this applies to kit colours.

Gonna check later before deciding to start a new game or not

13-11-2010, 17:11
I know what you mean by wanting to change it, sorry i cant answer your question but i wanted to know if you can apply edits to a current game too, the everton kit is too vibrant, first came up against them when i was quite tired and it was dark, hurt my eyes lol

13-11-2010, 17:13
I'm very sorry but thats the look Everton have gone for this season so thats whats in the game...

13-11-2010, 17:56
Quackje, but the great thing about the editor is that you can change it. I'v gone into the editor and changed a few things kit wise - little niggly things that would probably only bother me. Now Everton have an away kit reminiscent of the 80's yellow one and Arsenal now have a red bit on top of their socks. Ditto with B'ham City albiet white.

Whilst I have implemented these changes they unfortunatently havent appeared in my saved game so I suppose the only way to alter it will be by starting a new game

13-11-2010, 17:57
You can either get an in-game editor like fmrte if this years is out yet, or you can change it before you start a save in the games built in editor and create your own database.

13-11-2010, 18:06
Why would you want to take away the pink shirts! They are great. What I hope they do add at some point is the new Everton third kit. Those cream colored shirts are silky.

13-11-2010, 20:39
Cheers Santy001!

Brian Shanahan
13-11-2010, 22:21
If you really want to go traditonal make the home jerseys salmon and dark blue as that was the first home kit after moving into Goodison.

13-11-2010, 22:37
If you have a kit pack; delete the current away jersey and insert an older away kit.