View Full Version : Frustrating Loanee

13-11-2010, 16:13
So I am playing as Coventry City and I linked up with Tottenham as a parent club. In the first season they sent me Jake Livermore, who did great, and before too long Coventry was in his favourite clubs and I was in favoured personnel.
I then sign him on a 3 month loan the season after which he does even better than last season. I get a message saying "loan spell will end in a few days" so i try to renew. I cannot renew the loan, why is this? I can attempt to buy him but i cant afford to do that.
I waited for him to leave the club, which brought up the news item of "sad to leave Coventry", fair enough i thought i'll be able to get you again. But, for some reason when my loan is accepted by Tottenham, Livermore rejects saying he has no intention of joining. So what is that all about, after Coventry is in favoured team?
2 days later he joins QPR, who are in League 1.

Bit long winded, i apologise, but it is rather frustrating.