View Full Version : Corners...

Dirty Harry
13-11-2010, 15:15
Is taking a corner that someone scores from not counted as an assist anymore? Otherwise i can't make any sense of the assists people are getting...

13-11-2010, 15:17
It should do.

Dirty Harry
13-11-2010, 15:31
**** knows what this game is doing then. I was so happy with this new version too. Best since the split imo, easily too. It seems to run smoother, faster etc despite being bigger and newer. The graphics are better and more fluid, love the fading thing and the new aspects in the analysis. Plus the new look proifiles that are easier to navigate, and many other things. The conversatiosn (you can tell they aren't just an experiment but a new classic idea that'll stick around), fee agents added in. So much more complex and edging even closer to being more and more like real football. Especially when you actually watch games, the goals are wayyyyyyyyyyyy more realistic and i love the celebrations.

THEN i got round to the trying to get Lukaku tutored and now this...i just hope there isn't much more. The Lukaku thing i managed to solve using an editor, which i hate as i see it as cheating, but not in this aspect as i gained nothing really and simply made it a more realistic situation with him and Drogba.