View Full Version : The Manager's Opinion Feature

13-11-2010, 14:17
Okay well I quite like the new feature on FM11 where you can view which managers you get on well with & those that you dont from your manager profile. Usually the managers that you have played & make positive comments about you or your team are on the 'Like' list, and the managers that you thrash, or don't like your approach are on the 'Dont Like' list. I check this every now and then just to see who likes me and I saw the name 'Ruben De la Red' in the Dont Like column. I have never spoken to, or contacted him, he is a 26 unemployed Spanish coach who dislikes the manager of Peterbrough United and has disliked me from 2010 in League 1 to 2015 in the Premier League? If anyone happens to know Ruben, ask him what his problem is please? :)