View Full Version : NETBOOK with 1 GB Ram

13-11-2010, 13:29
Is this good enough to play Fm11 with Large DB and circa 10 leagues loaded??

thx in advance :cool:

13-11-2010, 14:17
Help me out folks! Im about to buy one, and i need to know if its good to play if i am on travel and so on!


13-11-2010, 14:25
I find it unlikely. Well it'll work but I think really, really slow

13-11-2010, 14:29
Does anybody have one and is playing with it? How about if it has more RAM?

thx again

13-11-2010, 14:32
You will also need a special skin as the native resolution is not supprted. It is unlikely that you could run a large DB and those leagues if and when you get it running.

13-11-2010, 14:49
A special skin? ok, no idea what that is... so, this means that even if the Netbook has like 4GB it prob will not play the game right?

this leaves only the option of a laptop ... correct?

13-11-2010, 16:24
A netbook won't run FM without you having to download and install a special resolution skin to the game, which can be a headache if your new to that type of thing. It will also run slowly as the netbooks processor won't be upto the job as it'll only be an Atom Intel job I would have thought.

If its size your after, and money is no issue consider the new macbook air 11" as thats netbook size with decent laptop spec and will run FM easily. If its performance you want, there are some mid size laptops that are slightly bigger than a netbook, these can play FM depending on the resolutions available. Failing that, personally I would buy a laptop if I were you, better safe than sorry IMO. :)

13-11-2010, 16:48
Okay just saying no netbooks will run it without a special skin isnt exactly true, any netbook with a gma950 can use samsungs drivers which allow 1024x768, but it does run slow, small database and a couple of leagues is all I am willing to cope with on my netbook with 2gb ram

14-11-2010, 13:16
10 leagues? Not too sure. My specs is similar to you. I only run the 4 top euro leagues with large database.

A netbook skin is released for fm11 so yes, you can play fm11 on netbook now.