View Full Version : Defensive and Attacking Free Kicks

13-11-2010, 09:49
On the march analysis screen under set pieces you have defensive and attacking free kicks shown in red and green blobs with numbers on them. If you are to click on your team it shows the free kicks for defensive and attacking. Are the defensive free kicks the ones you have won and are taking as the other team has comitted a foul and that they are so deep they are called defensive free kicks. Or are these the attacking free kicks that the oppsoite team are taking in which you would think that team A attacking free kicks are team B defensive free kicks and vice versa

This is the same with foul and fouled the blobs dont seen to mirror each other for each seperate team

13-11-2010, 11:07
Defensive free kicks are the other team's free kicks, where they are attacking you. Attacking free kicks are your own free kicks, where you are attacking them.

The instructions that you can give players on them should give you a hint: On the defensive free kicks you can mark players or form a wall, on the attacking ones you can have them stand next to thetaker, disrupt wall, etc.

While I'm on the subject, I think it would be nice if they separated between attacking free kicks where you shoot, and attacking free kicks where you put in a cross.
I know this can be a sliding transition, since in some situations you could maybe do both, and thus complicated to implement.

For instance, having someone "stand with taker" and "disrupt wall" is much more useful when shooting from a freekick from just outside the box. In this instance you might also wanna leave your centrebacks back.
When you cross from a free kick further out, or more out to the side of the box, you'll generally want your centrebacks forward, and maybe not have someone stand next to your taker or disrupt the wall.

Would be cool to see this in FM12...!