View Full Version : Designated player contracts?

13-11-2010, 07:08
Anyone here playing the MLS that's signed a new designated player?

Got a high priced player asking 350K-550K and was thinking it would be good to sign him as a designated player, but there is no option for it.

So what SI, you guys actually changed the DP rules to match the real league but you didn't bother to make sure we could actually use them?

I'm sorry but I can't be mr. nice guy any more... if you are going to include the MLS as a playable league then get the **** ****ing right!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sick of devs half assing there way around and expecting it to all be ok. Everything in FM10 worked perfectly fine, now the academies are gone, registration is bugged so they are all dev contracts, we can't use our DP's, board won't let smaller clubs sign COACHES because they won't let you spend the bare minimum all coaches ask for, and whatever else I'm forgetting.

Look you don't wanna give the MLS the same attention then don't include it, I'd rather not have the option then to have it all fouled up because it's less important.