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13-11-2010, 06:04
Hey guys,

I was trying to buy Hulk from Porto for Man Utd and on the day before transfer window shut Porto started to negotiate. The price they wanted was beyond my transfer budget but there was an option to let the board increase the budget and negotiate the deal, which I did. Just before the window shut I was told the deal had gone through for 37m, which I was pretty pleased with.

The only trouble is he hasn't got a work permit?! Either the board didn't appeal or there wasn't time? I know he can get one on appeal because I tried in my first season but didnt have enough funds to complete the transfer. Whats going on? Did the Glazers really just let me have spend 37m on a player I cant play? If he can't play why the hell did they let the transfer go through. I hoped he would recieve one a few days later but two weeks later nothing has changed.

Anyone know whats going on? Thanks

13-11-2010, 16:01
Hey guys, sorry to reply to my own post but could really do with some advice on whats happening with Hulks permit.

To update I had a save from when the board took over the transfer but before it was completed. I loaded this up as if I can't get Hulk i really needed a new striker as I had sold everyone bar Ronney and Hernandez to get some funds. I cancelled the transfer of Hulk, but now I have no transfer budget at all. before the board took over the Hulk deal I had 28m, which was more than enough to get Dzecko. So now it seems I can have no strikers at all or Hulk who can't play. Is this a bug?

underwater sunlight
13-11-2010, 16:33
do you have a save game before you signed him? if so post in the bug forum with as much detail as possible

14-11-2010, 02:55
Ok cheers mate, I do, just not before the the board took over the signing.