View Full Version : after patch 2011 the major bug still same as the demo game

13-11-2010, 05:53
1. too much red card. most of the game opponent received red card.
2. too much penalty. my striker become top scorer because of the penalty. most of the game i got penalty.\
3. tactic bar very hard to adjust.
4. after i change the tactic, wide narrow or defensive line. i go back to formation screen..it still dont have any respond. i have to change the player position then can see the narrow,wide n defensive line just start to change.
5. cant defend, no idea how to defend.
6. defensive line have push up to the top most of the game. below normal defensive line. the tactic cant work. i have very slow defender, i push up the defensive line to the top. but opponent fast striker unable to beat my defensive line.
7. one on one striker keep shoot the ball to the keeper. striker only will score while received a cross and while no keeper to beat.
8. the AI club no money but still go to transfering a player .

these are very major bugs. i dont understand why patch never fix even one of them.
i bought the disc and played. the feeling is totally same as i m playing a demo game.