View Full Version : Who wants to be a (rather small but exciting) part of my game

Shaka Sangoma
13-11-2010, 05:48
So here's my idea, I'm thinking of adding a bunch of random people into my game as free agents, and tracking how they get along, whether the get picked up, if they do well etc. And then I was wondering if anyone on the forums would like to join in.

This is how it works;
If enough people are interested and post their player (it can be you, someone you know, or just someone completely made up) and their stats, I will add them in the editor, load the game up and give updates at random points during the season. I don't really want a bunch of little Messi's running around though, so I would prefer/only want players at about League 2/lower League 1 level, so that they probably get signed but won't change the landscape of the football world.

What do you think?

13-11-2010, 05:49
I'd do it- though you should probably post this in the Challenges/Sign-ups board.

Shaka Sangoma
13-11-2010, 06:14
Ah, I see, it probably should be in that forum. If a mod is willing to move it, I have no objections

13-11-2010, 06:46
Me please!! DO't worry it will be based on me, he will be lucky to get into a blue sq N/S team ;)

13-11-2010, 11:57
I'm up for this :) been a while since i added my own young whipper-snapper into an FM game actually...

Fall Ark
13-11-2010, 12:29
You should do some "extreme" players. Like setting up a CA130 Goalkeeper with 1 in handling, one on ones and reflexes. A central defender that can neither mark nor tackle but is marvelous at crossing. Ultra attack managers with 5-4-1 as default formation. Things like that.

Shaka Sangoma
13-11-2010, 15:19
Well I would, but the idea is that I play the game, but the players take up the background. I may just take up this idea Fall Ark, but probably not that many players/staff