View Full Version : Managers leave posts unrealistically?

13-11-2010, 01:52
In my FM game, I am currently in mid march and I just experienced Arsene Wenger leaving Arsenal, who are 4th in the premier league, for SEVILLA?! That is just more than a bit strange. What happened to his loyalty?

And it is not like Sevilla approached him and he simply accepted it. He voiced his interest in the job and the fans wanted his head.

Another transfer I saw was Mancini leaving City for Liverpool after Roy Hodgson got sacked. This is completely stupid considering Mancini just bought his squad. He would never leave voluntarily for Liverpool at this stage in his career. Not to mention Liverpool are 9th and Man City are 6th in my save. He also voiced his interest in the liverpool post.

This is actually going to bother me more than the transfer system and the big spanish card mistake when it was a bother....

Anyone else experience something ridiculously stupid?

13-11-2010, 01:58
Agreed. It also seems as soon as one high profile manager in the EPL gets sacked all the rest move around - as someone leaves a lower side to join the higher side, this happens about 5 times in a very short space of time.