View Full Version : New laptop!? Which one?!

12-11-2010, 22:50
Getting a new laptop tomorrow, would like to narrow down these 2! Which one will run faster??!


Which one do I go for??!

Help please

12-11-2010, 23:58
Unless you are dead set on getting one of them, neither.

But if I had to choose one of these two, the 499 Sony. A weaker graphics card than t'other but more RAM, which means potentially more leagues and quicker processing times.

13-11-2010, 00:01
PCWorld? no, just no.

13-11-2010, 00:05
Agreed; it takes minutes to do some basic research into value for money laptops; personally i'd avoid PC World.

Don't be afraid to include Acers into your search either, they might not be the best build quality, but they can offer real value for money.

13-11-2010, 00:13
Are there any threads that give basic recommendations for laptops for fm? Im presuming that laptops have to be slightly more powerful than a pc

13-11-2010, 00:28
Yes, the minimum spec thread up there ^

Due mainly to space vs cooling; you'll find that laptops are under-powered as a rule. So whenever you see, for example, 'ATI Radeon 5870 Mobile' the mobile bit basically means reduced power in comparison to its desktop brother.

In my opinion, buying a 500 quid laptop to mainly play FM on is a bit of a false economy (far better to spend the same amount on a decent desktop alternative - which will also be upgradable, apart from memory, it's difficult to upgrade laptops), spend a little more and you open yourself up to loads of other games. A decent graphics card is usually the barrier when you are in the 500 quid range.

Hope this helps.

13-11-2010, 00:51
thanks rich, i generally only use a pc for web browsing and playing fm. I used to play command and conquer and stronghold too before my old pc crashed and now im left with a refurbished pc from ebay! I cant play fm11 on this pc and doing alot of overtime at work so thought a laptop would be ideal. Was looking at a maximum 400 quid for a laptop and the fella in bestbuys recommended one for 330 as he said fm didnt use up too much power.

13-11-2010, 01:44
but it's an exchange that's happening at pc world cos the one I bought was faulty! So gotta be from pc world, could one of you guys point me in the direction on what to buy from pc world? Got to be a laptop max value 600

13-11-2010, 11:48
Not easy because it looks like all of their sub 599 laptops come with an integrated HD graphics chip.

If you can try and squeeze an extra 49 quid into your budget and go for something like this: HP Paviliion (http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/hp-pavilion-dv7-4045ea-06590283-pdt.html) the ATI 5650 M is good enough for FM. This website is always useful for comparing GPUs: Notebookreview (http://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile-Graphics-Cards-Benchmark-List.844.0.html)

If you cannot budge on your..erm...budget; then you have a wide range to choose from...

Good luck; it took me 6 months to decide on my own laptop, so i know this isn't an easy task.

13-11-2010, 15:36
keep out of pc world at all costs

You'll need 3gb ram, a graphics card (avoid on board graphics) and the best CPU you can afford

13-11-2010, 16:17
dell has a good deal on here http://www.euro.dell.com/uk/en/home/Dell-Laptops/xps-15/pd.aspx?refid=xps-15&s=dhs&cs=ukdhs1

i7 processor (quad)
4gb RAM

784 but theres a voucher for 10% too