View Full Version : Board requests exploitable?

12-11-2010, 22:02
Im histon in the blue square premier and ive asked the board for more scouts, coachs, wages and scouting network enhancing.

all of these have been granted and now im allowed to scout the world and can get 6 coaches and scouts.

this is all with the club in 300k's worth of debt

surely this is something of an exploit.

12-11-2010, 22:26
Yea i noticed if you ask the board a request and they say no, u just can just ask again rephrasing the request and most of the time i found its granted.

underwater sunlight
12-11-2010, 22:36
the board do not automatically agree when you ask them again. each chairman is different. some will be more willing to agree but it is dependant on their attributes

12-11-2010, 22:42
I'm at my second club and neither board has accepted a single request for anything. Neither club was in debt or making losses fwiw.