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12-11-2010, 21:13
First of all, let me say, I have some experience in making training schedules as I've played a lot of FM 2010, and achieved quite good results. I've also read a vast amount of material regarding training principles posted on sites like SI forums, thedugout, FM-Britain, loswonderkids etc. so I think I somewhat know what I'm doing. Nevertheless I'm facing this problem and I would really appreciate some help.

I've reached halfway through October in my first season, and while I've fine-tuned schedules for most of my squad by now, some of my players seem to be either:

[1] Unhappy with the high training workload

[2] Unhappy with his training schedule

I'd like to know, what exactly is the difference between the two?

Solutions I've tried till now:

A) Reduce workload systematically

In both cases, I've tried slightly reducing the training workload, mainly through the strength/ aerobic training categories, and 1-2 players complaining of [1] have responded to this, the remaining 3-4 are still complaining even after getting their training workloads down to lesser than Medium (both in scheduled training and Overall workload - including match prep, position training, preferred moves & individual focus). However, I haven't noticed any change after this in the players complaining of [2].

B) Rearrange training sliders while keeping workload constant

I've tried rearranging the sliders a bit in their schedules, thinking perhaps they want to train more in a certain category than another (though probably not). Nothing worth mentioning has happened yet.

C) Interacted through Private Chat, asked him to train better or he's off the team/out of the first team

Most times the player would resent it and call it 'Unfair', but I tell him that I'm the one who picks teams and so what I say goes, and he apologises and leaves (positive reaction). In some cases, he instantly admits that perhaps he 'needs to work harder in Training'. While I end up getting a positive reaction from them, I don't see any change in their Training Happiness levels!

How long exactly does it take for the training happiness message to refresh? Daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly?

Do they automatically stop being Unhappy after a while, in case the team's winning a lot?

How does "player unhappiness due to training" affect the game elements? Does it make tham play worse? Does it impede attribute growth/player development?

P.S.: I've checked the attributes (except the hidden ones), and I see a healthy level of Determination and Work Rate, so no problems there.

Help will be deeply appreciated from SI Employees, Forum staff, anyone who knows about this stuff... Thanks!

12-11-2010, 21:43
If I am not mistaken, you can remove the training happiness message by interacting with the player on the topic of his training levels.

Also, I tend to have heavy training work loads. Always. Despite players being "unhappy at the high workload", it has no effect on their performance.
It Does, however, have an effect on their moral. It will tend to decrease faster then normally. As long as you know how to maintain moral high you should have no problem. This also tends to be only visable in the substitutes, rather than the first team. Especially if you win. Though a loss might have a bigger impact on their moral with a higher workload.

In the end. They will improve faster than they would with a lower workload, but you as a manager will have more work to do as well :P

This is my interpretation and has been working for me so far.

13-11-2010, 00:00
hmm... thats a good idea. But, do you see it affecting attribute increase in developing players? I've read in a number of places now that it might do so.

13-11-2010, 13:00
C'mon guys, doesn't anyone know anything about this??

Anyone from SI, any of the experienced forum members (SFraser et al...), mods...

How about experienced FM players, havent you come across this in FM 2011, don't you have anything to say guys...

23-11-2010, 08:49
It's easy, players start complaining after you gave them an individual training setting e.g. train for free kicks or pace etc. click on training, select the right schema (midfielders or attackers) and then it is in one of the filters, just change it from free kicks or pace to none...

29-05-2011, 14:32
The OP has some good questions here. SI should work hard (high workload) on the documentation.

Can no one shed some light on this?

29-05-2011, 14:45
I've always believed the second message to be because you have someone doing goalkeeper training who shouldn't, but it seems you've looked at that.

Are you getting him to train in a new position? Did you have to convince him to learn a PPM? Too much match preparation?

Soccer Manager
29-05-2011, 18:53
I believe you can fix a lot of this by hiring more/better coaches

30-05-2011, 11:04
Once again the OP hits on some issues that are left very vague. It would be nice if some members from SI could clarify things. I would like to think they are left vague because they're not overly important but who knows. However, as SCIAG says it could perhaps be down to PPM or position training?

30-05-2011, 11:25
A complex game need an extensive manual. This is not the case with FM.

30-05-2011, 11:39
A complex game need an extensive manual. This is not the case with FM.

there's plenty of info about, if you look in the right places.
but guaranteed there's lots of trial and error too!

i tend to just leave the players training how i want them to train or offer a new contract, im the manager what i say goes!

30-05-2011, 14:12
there's plenty of info about, if you look in the right places.
but guaranteed there's lots of trial and error too!

i tend to just leave the players training how i want them to train or offer a new contract, im the manager what i say goes!

The FM community is fantastic. And I find answers to most of my questions on here. However, for the first time user you really need a manual that explains the mechanics in the game a bit better than the current one does.

30-05-2011, 14:32
My two cents worth, I always train my players hard, half my squad is always unhappy. Normally with the more senior players, what I have noticed it's more to do with work rate. the lower the work rate and the old the player the more he complains. That's just in my experience though. When backroom advice meetings come along I ALWAYS click dismiss advice. There are no repercussions for me, they carry on with the training, play good passing possession football that every opposing manger complements. However the last 20mins of the game players with low natural fitness drop below 70%, normally low 60's and they can't play two games in a week. So I always look for good technical players with high work rates or young players and they're the ones who don't complain.

30-05-2011, 17:54
It's not the work rate, it's the professionalism that determines how hard a player trains.

30-05-2011, 23:31
It's not the work rate, it's the professionalism that determines how hard a player trains.

Unhappy with his training schedule = you are asking him to do too much of something he can't do and not enough of stuff he can... like asking a striker to learn how to defend as well.. basically, if his schedule is focusing on attributes that won't help his game he'll be unhappy (or that's the way I've always interpreted it)

Unhappy with the high workload = I usually find that players with high natural fitness tend to moan more about the workload... and whilst many have said that there is no ill-effect, there is... try reducing the workload to a level they are happy with and watch their attributes improve...

I interpret the "Training level progress" graph as how hard a player is working in training... if it's low - private chat, bollocking! if it's high then I leave them be. (Using this system to decide how hard players are training has not yet yielded an unhappy player from a private chat re: training)

postal postie
31-05-2011, 14:00
my goalkeepers are always unhappy with training. but it doesn't say why. in the last 5 years i must have had about 15 different goalkeepers on my books and everyone of them has always been unhappy with training, but not with the intensity.
so i lower the overall intensity and their still unhappy, i raise it and their still unhappy. this is one thing that annoys me because there doesn't seem to be any logic behind it.

05-11-2011, 13:22
still nothing on that??