View Full Version : WAGES and TRANSFERS

12-11-2010, 19:02
What a bloody joke,

Andy Webster (Rangers) is on 10K per week, has one month left on his contract, and is used as a back up. I went to offer him a new contract and wants 48K per week.

Managed to get him down to 28K. No way is he getting that.

Then, in the Summer, Arsenal offer me Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsay for nothing. WTF? Both have just signed new contracts.

Had a look at the EPL, most of the Man City squad are Transfer Listed, Tevez/Balotelli and Silva released... Why?

This needs resolved asap.

Every bloody year, the same old nonsense. And you know who the mugs are? The paying customers!!

underwater sunlight
12-11-2010, 23:35
i negotiated webster to a new deal for 11.5k, then renewed it at the end of the season to 14k so you were pretty unlucky on that front, but the transfer issues are a known problem