View Full Version : Steam not updating to 11.1.1

12-11-2010, 17:59
I read that Steam would automatically update the game but it has not and I do not seem to be able to identify where I can 'force start' the download.

On the old Steam it was easy to check for updates but I can't see it now and it certainly isn't doing it automatically.

Can anyone advise where to do this?

Yes, my connection is fine etc etc.

Neil Brock
12-11-2010, 18:07
Have you tried restarting Steam?

12-11-2010, 18:09

And in the game settings within Stem I have it set to Automatically keep this game updated.

Neil Brock
12-11-2010, 18:10
Check in your game on the 'game status' screen - what does it say next to 'version'?

12-11-2010, 18:12

It's done it, when exactly I'm not sure :/ not while I've been moaning about it and the PC hasn't been on all day.

Patch wasn't available via Steam last night was it?

Thanks for your assistance Neil.

12-11-2010, 18:13
Oh, and it's not showing in the Steam update history for the game (in fact nothing shows - not even the data patch)

Neil Brock
12-11-2010, 18:13
No, not until 4pm today, but glad to hear it's all right and correct! :)