View Full Version : Best eleven overall. Broken?

12-11-2010, 17:07
Just finished my second season with Arsenal and already the best eleven screen, especially the overall screen, is all messed up.

Some examples.

1) Cesc Fabregas selected as DM despite him playing 92 out 92 games as MC, and only has unconvincing rating as DM.

2) Jack Wilshere inducted into the best eleven overall after the second (2011\2012) season, but only his games from 11\12 is showed, and not even all of them (see 4). I might add that young Jack wasn't included in the 2010\2011 best eleven and my guess is the game isn't able to find the games he played that season.

3) Youngster Vinicius inducted into best eleven overall substitutes with 14 games and 6 goals, when he's actually played only 3(6) games scoring 3 goals his entire career! And with my Arsenal playing 122 games over the 2 seasons the best eleven overall is counted, 14 games (11%) seems a bit low to be included in the overall, let alone 9 (7%).

4) The best eleven screen doesn't show the correct number of apperances. For instant Ramsey has had 32 starters and 33 substitute apperances. Thats 65 apperances in total, yet the best eleven overall show 41 appearances. This goes for all the players. My guess is that it's not counting substitute appearances where the player hasn't been on long enough to get a rating. It's wrong nonetheless.

All in all the best eleven-feature seems random and often just plain wrong. What gives?:confused:

12-11-2010, 19:05
its another drop in the sea of bugs and mistakes.

my question of the day is ;why cant my defender win the ball without fouling, even if tacling is on default?