View Full Version : What do you do when your favorite players becomes mediocre?

12-11-2010, 15:23
I mean its very hard for me.I am in my 6th season and my star Striker Gregory Neslon [Age 27 yeah I know!] its finished.
I mean for 4 seasons he was my number one choice and scored every 2 games. 198 Matches 98 goal.
But at the end of Season 4 he got injured badly [6 weeks broken arm].Then next season he started again and another arm injury got him out for 4 weeks.

He finished with 31 matches and 8 goals.

This year I have better strikers and the guy that was his first sub scored 30 goals last season .

Gregory is natural in AMR and ST but now even in AMR he is sub-par and my coaches says he is 3rd best AMR and 3rd best Striker.Bassicly at his age and with my younger talants I cant see him playing ..

I am very sad about him .He brang me great success and scorred amazing goals but maybe its time for me to let go and sell him.. I just know that now he has good reputation but not good skills and he will be reserve player ..

What do you do in those kind of situations

underwater sunlight
12-11-2010, 15:27
sign better players

12-11-2010, 15:31
If he's got good mental stats, then you could use him as a mentor for your hot prospects

12-11-2010, 15:50
Offer him a staff role?

Hans Bwixs
12-11-2010, 15:51
im ruthless, get rid of em and terminate their contracts.

the blue ferret
12-11-2010, 15:56
I keep playing them. In 0001, Darren Eadie was 42 before he retired and he stayed a regular. Even scored at the WC finals at 41 years

If Im a national manager, I always keep some oldies about. Tried to get Rooney to 200 caps in the 2010 save but he fell 2 short when he retired.

I have in the same save, what I consider the best squad I have ever assembled on any CM/FM game. Most players came through within a couple of years of each other, so as a side project to 2011 I will continue to play them regularly until I get sacked due to poor results. My left back, Johann Orsini (Newgen) was my first signing at the start of the game. He was 15. Been a regular pretty much since season 2 until one day he decided to turn down 250k contracts with 14 million singing on fee and maxed out bonuses and he left on a free. 6 months later I signed him back at the age of 31 for 30 million. He will play for me until I say otherwise, not the other way round...

12-11-2010, 15:57
if i really love a player like i did on fm10, falcao 156 goals in 209 games, then i try and keep them on the books until they decide 2 retire and hope they become staff. only very special players get this treatment tho