View Full Version : Opposition keeper had a fit on the pitch?

12-11-2010, 14:45

12-11-2010, 14:47
Thats just sad

12-11-2010, 15:35
And buggy. Sad and buggy.

Fabio MVP
12-11-2010, 15:38
Awful :(

el sid
12-11-2010, 15:40
Best free transfer ever :D

12-11-2010, 15:41
He nearly missed!

12-11-2010, 17:36
He nearly missed!

LOL! Welcome to LL play!

12-11-2010, 19:03
I just had a similar experience. The other team crossed the ball from the byline, and the GK literally turned away from the ball and it hit him in the backside before going in. There was no one in the box for the other team, and it came straight at the GK, so there's absolutely no reason for him to look the other way and let it bounce off of him... I don't really know how to upload videos, so I haven't done so. Overall, the game is great, but bugs like these are absolutely infuriating...

12-11-2010, 19:12
I've had that happen to me in past FMs. It's so rare though that it's no biggie.

12-11-2010, 19:18
My Keeper did this in the Cup we lost 3-2 ......

12-11-2010, 19:50
How's that the same at all?

12-11-2010, 20:11
It's not a bug and it's a genuine part of real life football, if you dont believe me look at the link below, will explain why it happens in fm11 :D


thats completely different. in the fm game the keeper clearly has the ball and lets the striker come to him

12-11-2010, 20:29
I know it gets you mad but the way the keeper does some kinda of wiggle is hilarious.

Carlos the Blue
13-11-2010, 00:59
I had a similar thing happen to me, a long ball was played over the top.

Leaving a striker running through on my keeper (Tim Howard)
All he had to do was wait at the edge of the area and catch the ball, shouldnt have been an issue.

What actually happened was complete madness, the ball seemed to hit Tim in the face, he then went down in a heap injured rolling on the ground like ronaldo
The ball bounced to the Blackpool player (Grandin) who happily walked from the 18 box into my goal

ho hum